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And then there was one-

    Many years ago somewhere in the Lone Star State I was placed in my mothers arms, small and clinging to life, indeed things changed for everyone from that day forward. My name to many is Rocky but when I wipe the sweat from my head and sit in the lonely studio I have to feed my new found passion Music. At the age of 10 I began traveling, Hawaii,California,Flordia and many more. last time checked I am 12 States shy of saying I have stepped in all 50.


     Music to me is an escape, even when God almighty calls me home you can head my words softly spoken when play "the man on the moon", or see my love of life and working with Kids by playing "A child of mine". I have no clue where this ship will take me but know this, there have been many times I have falled off drifting with no control to sea only to be pulled out and placed back on my ship By God. Set Sail because the more you follow the more you will see. It was made like this for a reason, most importantly if you have searched this far a couple more steps you will stand on the corner looking into the very studio Where I make my music.


    Stay true to yourself and keep on keeping on..


    The Traveling Sisco